I regularly give talks on A/B Testing, working in R, joining the Data Science community, and more. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please contact me at emily[at]datacamp.com

Upcoming Talks

Building an A/B Testing Analytics System

January 2019, Rstudio::conf.

November 2018, DC R Conference.

October 2018, Nor’eastR Conference.

10 Guidelines for A/B Testing

March 2019, CXL Live.

Previous Talks

10 Guidelines for A/B Testing

October 2018, PyData NYC. Slides

Joining the Data Science Community

May & July 2018, Metis Data Science Bootcamp. Slides.

The Lesser Known Stars of the Tidyverse

April 2018, New York R Conference. Recording, Slides.

April 2018, Women in Analytics, Facebook. The Lesser Known Stars of the Tidyverse. Slides, Code.

February 2018, RStudio::conf. Recording, Slides.

January 2018, Data Day Texas Conference. Slides, Code.

A/B Testing in the Wild

October 2017, West Point Academy. Slides.

September 2017, Demystifying Data Science by Metis. Recording, Slides.

July 2017, New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup. Recording, Slides.